Wilson: Experimental drugs?
House: That’s unfair. ‘Cause at one point, even vicodin was an experimental drug. I have to go.
Wilson: Well, unless you’re going to do your job, it can wait.
House: I’m going to do my job.
Wilson: I’ll give you a lift.
House: I’ll give you two minutes. But first, I’m gonna tell you that I’m off the drugs and you’ll feel silly ‘cause you’ve got nothing to say for two minutes.
Wilson: Why are you off them?
House: Because they don’t work.
Wilson: Why were you on them?
House: Because they come in banana flavor. You know the answer.
Wilson: You think fixing your leg will fix your life.
House: I think that my life will be somewhat better if part of my life, specificaly my leg, is somewhat better.
Wilson: You think all your problems are your leg.
House: And you’re here to tell me that no matter how depressed I may be, it’s not enough.
Wilson: I think you want everything to be physical, tangible, simple. You want unhappiness to have a cure. House, you obviously—
House: I hate that word. I have to go now. Actually, I don’t, but it would be rude to walk out without saying anything.

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